These retreats focus on bringing
about what is most important in
life.  Health, Spirit and

In a Mindfulness Retreat time is
spent in meditation, in nature with
moments of complete silence.  
Join us as we work in the garden,
eat off the land and connect with

Mindfulness retreats are 4-day
long retreats that help us
reconnect with ourselves.
Gentry Creek Retreats
Gentry Creek welcomes M&M Christ Healing
Mario, here from Germany, is a
holistic practitioner, spiritual master
and organic gardener with over 35
years of experience. His lovely wife,
Mary Lou, is a very accomplished
musician who has traveled all over
the US and Europe, blessing people
with her music. We are so grateful to
have their presence and assistance
working with the horses as well as
the staff and guests visiting the farm.