Meet some of our retirees...
Gentry Creek Equine
Retirement and Rehabilitation
Retiree Comments:

Hi Marilyn
When I saw the latest picture of Riggs that you sent to
me, all that I could think of's Heaven for
horses! I'm sure that Riggs agrees with me.
For a horse that has always been known to "eat with
the best of them" he must look at that field everyday
and think that he has truly died and gone to heaven or
at the very least...found the world's best buffet for
It puts a smile on my face to know that he is happy.
God bless him...He certainly blessed me when he
brought Riggs into my life. :- )

We believe the care of a horse goes beyond their
physical needs.  It includes awareness of the more
subtle things like changes in appetite and mood...are
they happy with their pasture mate, are they getting
enough personal attention, etc.  We feel there is no
substitute for the years of experience that it takes to
notice all the subtitles involved in horse care.
Amenities and Services include:
Nice modern 12 stall barn with rubber stall
mats and generous portions of clean

Acres of lush well maintained gentle
pasture land

Large pastures with safe fencing and only
2 or 4 horses to a pasture

Regular worming and vaccinations and
farrier care

Two feedings a day of Quality Hay
and Grain or as needed.

Specialized feed mixtures and
supplements as necessary.
Gentry Creek Farm is 100 acres of
Horse Retirement Paradise!
Gentry Creek Farm is a lovely 100 acre estate nestled
against the Cherokee National Forest in northeastern
Tennessee.  This farm is owned and operated by the
Mitchell family.  We, Rik, Marilyn and our daughter Amy,
have been involved with horses most all our lives.  We
established Equidon, a nonprofit organization with a
501-C-(3) status and have spent well over 25 years
working with rehabilitation of show horses, rescue and
retirement horses.  Thus, we have seen first hand the
difficulty people are faced with when they are unable to
retire their horses on their own farm.  
At Gentry Creek we offer personal, hands on care by
caregivers with a lifetime of experience. Here, we understand
and meet the needs of the older performance horses with
individual  attention, stalling, blanketing (as necessary),
grooming...all the amenities that the show horse has been used
to it's entire life.

Retirement here means:
A serene, quiet environment for your beloved

Regular communication  and photos with you
regarding your horses welfare

Quality care and personal treatment by
professionals who watch carefully for signs of
illness, lameness, depression, anxiety etc.
Currently our guests include 2 Grand Prix
jumpers, one lovely Dressage Schoolmaster,
and several T.B.'s all here on vacation from
their stressful  lifestyle and all enjoying the
realization that life can be about  more than
just "work"!
We will be accepting a limited number so the horses here
can settle in with one good friend for life and have as few
changes as possible.

Please also visit our Cleveland Facility:
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Retiree Comments:

Dear Marilyn
It was wonderful to meet you and see our boy,
Donny!  He looks wonderful.  I cannot tell you how
comforting it is to know that he is so well taken care
of and loved by such a dear lady....thank you.  Your
farm is even more beautiful and tranquil than in your


"Matcho" semi-retired Dressage/Jumper
Its all about
Retiree Comments:

Thank you so much Marilyn!  
He looks amazing. I am absolutely shocked at his age
and to know he looks like that! I am so thrilled I made the
decision to you've miraculously put in the fountain of
youth in his paddock! He looks incredible.
Thank you so much for taking care of my special boy!!  

And the Magic Horses bring into our Lives!
Retiree Comments:

It was so good to see my boy after so long!
I NEVER thought it possible for him to put on
the weight you have been able to put on him!
He looked the best I have seen him look in years!
How can I thank you enough.
The peaceful, quiet environment, the beautiful green pastures, the pleasant cool summer
climate, provide an ideal senior horse retreat ~ It all adds up to making this a very magical place.
Retiree Comments:

I just want to thank you for your assistance with placing
Champs.  You and your daughter make a fabulous team!  
I contacted many facilities that "promised" proper care
your daughter gave me the peace of mind I was seeking.  
Some were too abrupt.  Some were too agreeable.  
Some didn't know what they were talking about.  It is odd
that I haven't seen Champs since 2006, but knowing he
could be euthanized after he'd taken such good care of
my daughter and then special needs children, my
maternal instincts jumped ahead of my checkbook and,
somehow, I found you and Amy.
Again, I thank you for all of your help!!

"According to a recent survey of horse owners and industry stakeholders, horses classified as “unwanted” are a growing
problem in the United States, to the tune of roughly 170,000 horses per year. News reports of neglect are published
almost daily, and more than half of equine rescue facilities are full and turning away horses brought to them. How did our
horse industry get to this point, and how can each of us help solve the problem and save these horses from abuse and
neglect?  Please be aware and informed.  Know where your horse is going and get good references before making any