Since then, he has been sold 3 times as a riding horse!  I
caught wind of it and called the person currently trying to sell
him and was able to get him back.  He is 150lbs off his
weight, feet in terrible condition, rain rot and bite
marks....but his spirit is good and he is obviously happy to
be back here!

Several of you have asked me what needs the farm currently
has...  If any of you would like to help with his care, any
amount would be appreciated and tax deductible.  He will
live out the remainder of his
years here on our farm.

~ Marilyn
I want to send this out as a warning to anyone thinking of giving their horse away, even when it
appears a good home.
You cannot be too careful.  Today, in the horse industry, SO much of this is happening right now, it
makes me heart sick.  This will be the LAST horse I will adopt out.  I have seen too much.

This is
Chip.    He was a tremendous Western Pleasure youth horse that developed navicular several years ago and then terribly
neglected.  We rescued him  from a horrible situation, put him back to good health
and adopted him out to a home who "promised" (signed contracts) to keep and care for him and not ride him.  That was less
than a year ago.
Sad to say, there are many horses in the condition
that we found this sweet 6 yr old gelding in.  This
horse foundered 5 years ago and the owner was
told by local farriers that he could be "fixed".  The
educational needs are tremendous for back yard
horse owners!
Before   and  After  pictures of
past rescue horses with happy
Just to give those of you who are interested  an idea of what horse rescue organizations
are currently faced with due to the slaughter market closing, high price of hay, and owner
ignorance and neglect etc...

This mare was unable to get up she was so weak. We were told she had been down for
several days. It was sleeting out and freezing. Luckily her owner was OK with us putting
her to sleep. There was no hope for her at this point.  Hypothermia had already set in
along with other issues.

PLEASE, if you see horses in need, contact your local animal rescue, or Sheriff. It can
make all the difference!   
Gentry Creek Equine
Retirement and Rehabilitation