Buyers Comments

Buyers Comments:
has been wonderful.  He has won 2 out of 3 events at the Training
level and was 3rd in the other.  He currently is in 5th place in the National
standings for the Young Adult Training level rider division.  He is scheduled to
do a half star (Training level three day event) next week.  He's looking forward
to doing the steeplechase.  He rode in a Lucinda Green & Robin Walker clinics
and they both thought he's a very scopey jumper"
Hey Marilyn,
I just thought I would give you an update.  Last fall they moved up to Prelim
with their eye set on qualifying for the VA "Classic" Three Day Event.  Well that
was last weekend & they had a fabulous weekend.  Tinners and Kevin had a
BLAST on the steeplechase course & had a great xc run (their 8th clean xc at
the Prelim level!)  and almost finished on their dressage score; they had a rail
down at the second to last fence.  They ended up finishing 2nd and were the
recipients of "Best Turned Out Award"!
They have become quite the pair!!
Thanks again!!
Reg. Swedish WB Mare
Hi Marilyn,
Here's me today on LB!
It was WINDY and she was really worried but she is a peach!    I really can't
thank you enough.  I love her!!
It's kind of funny, two of my three all time favorite horses I've bought from your
farm.  Thank you so much! Take care,

Teena Manning
Registered Hanoverian gelding out of Weltmeyer...

Buyer Comments...."Marilyn, Willie is doing  Great!  What a fantastic horse. No problem with
anxiety issues you were so concerned about. He is much better than I expected!
Thank you for everything!! "
Registered  Irish Sport Horse, Imported, 16.3 H...

Buyer Comments ..... "Earl is doing great!  He settled right in and he's the
barn favorite.  The farrier came at the end of the first week and he couldn't say
enough nice things about Earl.  The horse dentist came last week and did his
teeth, and he too said wonderful things.  Our trainer rode Earl last week and
absolutely raved about him.  The trainer told Paula that she is a lucky little girl
and that Earl is a rare find.  We got a bit that he really likes and we are working
on getting a saddle that fits correctly.  We have trimmed quite a bit of his hay
belly off so his weight has changed. Anyway, Paula loves him dearly and is very
pleased with him. Thanks again, Lynn."
Registered Belgian Warmblood, 12 yrs old...

Buyer comments..."Sophie is doing so awesome. We have had a few lessons, some
dressage and some jumping. My instructor absolutely
Loves her and believe me she meets
plenty of horses she somewhat turns her nose up at. We are jumping 3' and hopefully going to
go trailer to jump my instructors cross country course this weekend. If I do and take pictures I'll
email you a few. The dressage is going good, we have all the basics and are working at
condensing and rounding in the canter. Shes doing good on trail rides too!!  I
her...thank you so much!!"
LOLA -  Hanoverian Mare 17Hands

Buyer comments..."I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Lola.  We
can not tell you what a sweet mare she is.  I appreciate how easy you made our search
for our new family member.  I loved everything about your business to include the
beautiful facility and the wonderful care you give your horses.  Our trainer was very
nervous about us picking out a horse without her.  As soon as Lola stepped off the trailer
everyone was in love with her!  She fits right in at the barn and loves to stick her head out
of her stall into the isle so everyone will pet her (and of course give her treats).My
daughter treats Lola like a princess I have never seen her so excited about a horse..
Being that we live so close to the barn we go over every night after dinner to give her a  
treat and tell her goodnight.  We will go to our first show at the end of July. I will update
you  on how she does. At this point just watching the smile on my daughters face as she
rides Lola is worth far more than any horseshow ribbon or points.  Lola is our “Grand
Champion”. Thank you for all your cooperation with her purchase and allowing us to take
Lola home!  Please tell Amy thanks for all her help! We couldn’t have picked her up so
soon without Amy’s help! Thanks again."   

The Bertolini Family
Roland ... Imported Registered Czechoslovakian  Warmblood

Buyer comments..."Hi Marilyn, Roland has been the best confidence-builder for his
owner, who only began riding about one and a half years ago.  He is currently
teaching her to ride his very beautiful, uphill canter, and they are beginning to learn
the basics of  dressage and trail riding.  I just enjoy seeing Lynn loving on him every
day; he follows her around every day and always sticks his head out in the hallway
when he knows his afternoon treats in his stall toy are coming.  She tells me that he
loves to "mush" on her, nuzzling her hair.  He is the love of Lynn's life (just don't tell
her husband that!). Thanks for bringing such joy into Lynn's life!" Lauren Dotson -
Grey Arab..... 4th Level Dressage Schoolmaster

Buyer comments..."Hello Amy and Marilyn, I just wanted to stop in and tell you how
wonderful Tarre is. He is going by the name of Ziggy. What a character!  His is so
much fun. I generally get licked on my chest and face after giving him treats! We
have moved to Jacksonville, FL this summer and am boarding at an Arabian
breeding facility. He has stayed as sound as the day I got him. We are working on
second level. I'm thinking about doing a clinic with Jane Savoie in September! I just
want to thank you for him. He's a wonderful addition to my family!  Thank you!! Hope
all is well with you"..
Sally Bowman
Reg. Hanoverian Mare "Jasmine"

"Marilyn, we  Love Jasmine!!  I have not ridden a horse  in a couple of years with
the stride and lift that she has so I am learning how to ride her.   She has
wonderful manners and is a pleasure to work around.  The kids love her.  She is
working out great here.  Thank you so much for her.  My mother has not been
this excited over a horse in a long time.   Amy is a kind and gentle trainer and
works wonders in ground training!!  I know she puts her heart into her training.   
We almost bought Soul at the same time as Jasmine.  I do wish that I had just
said yes, I want them both.  I kick myself everyday that I did not buy her.  My
name is Alma, which means 'soul' in Spanish...She was really meant for our
family also...". Kristen and Alma
Marcus Narral - Arabian Gelding

Buyer comments... "Matching horse and rider is Ultimately the most important
aspect of what Marilyn and Amy are able to do with these wonderful animals!"   

Donna Rosenburg
16.1H Friesian Gelding

Buyer comments
..."Hi Marilyn,  Oh i'm in love!
He is the best!"

Marge Meriwether in Ohio

Buyer comments..."Marilyn, everyone says you really did a great job of
matching him to me! You seem to be about the only horse salesperson anyone
has ever heard of who is honest and trustworthy and things turn out just like
you say.  For example, I think the farm owner was a little skeptical that he would
actually turn out to be well trained and  ended up saying that she always looks
forward to riding him because he knows so much.  Really, to have a horse as
beautiful, calm, and well-trained as Rumeur is such a wonderful thing for me.  
He'll probably be my last horse  (unless I'm still riding at 80 - possible, but not
likely) and what a way to go out!"  

Linda York in Kentucky
Buyer comments..."Hi Marilyn and Kelly! The General is just unbelievable!  He
is so relaxed!!   You should see him move... I put my son's girlfriend on him yesterday
with the Western saddle - she has very little riding experience, and never on a horse
like The General - but they were awesome together!  As they cantered across the
front yard, I was in awe of his head position:  down, relaxed, ears forward, a very  
rhythmic, slow lope - just a perfect picture to watch. Anyway... I hope you will check
out a few photos on my blogsite:  I want to tell you
both, now, more than ever, I love The General!!!  Thank you Kelly, for letting him go
and thanks to you Marilyn, for picking me as his partner and caregiver.  He is a joy to
me!!  Best wishes to you both and I'd love to hear from you!  If you're ever in NW
Alabama, you have an open invitation to stay here and a special horse outside for
you to ride."
:-)  Anita McLeary
Buyer comments..."Ms. Mitchell, I am sorry that I haven't written you sooner
than this but I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that we just
!! He has become a part of our family and we can't say enough nice
things about him. He is always eager to learn and he loves the girls.
I am sending some pictures of him with Anna-Kate and Emma. We always have a
good time with him and he has taught the girls so much as well. I think your
organization is wonderful, and we're glad that Julia connected us with you and of
course, Woody.
Thanks for everything."

Angie Hall from Asheville

Buyer comments..."Hi Marilyn, just wanted you to know how wonderful Tilly
is for our family.  She is being retrained for dressage and is the "wonder" horse
according to our trainer...she loves her forward movement, her willingness to
please and great manners, and has high hopes of taking her to upper level
events soon.  

We just love her for her. Saturdays and Sunday pms are times at the barn for all
of us to groom her, walk her around and let her be with people.  Again, thanks
so much for this great hearted horse...she is impressing everyone! Hope all is
well with you and your family."

Karyn Pringle
Buyer Comments...
Hi Marilyn,
I just wanted you to see how well
Jethro and Kyle are doing.  Never in our
wildest dreams did we think he would be doing a one star less than a year after
we got him.  His team ended up winning the USEF National Jr/Young Rider Team
Championship and Kyle and Jethro were Reserve Champion USEF National CCI*
Amateur Rider.  Had he been 1.2 points better in dressage they would have
been champion.  But we're not complaining he was fabulous over fences!!

Needless to say, we're tickled with him.

Gentry Creek Equine
Retirement and Rehabilitation
All the horses listed below have been donated
to our organization in the hopes of us finding them a
good home.
Goldie- "Golden Slipper"-  Registered Selle Francais Mare,
out of Galoubet A

Buyers Comments:
Marilyn, I have been thinking of you and Amy and just wanted to say hello.
Everyone here is doing great. Goldie is fantastic and I love her SO much. Rueger
is as handsome as ever and growing like a weed!   I will always remember your
kindness and hospitality while we were at Gentry Farm. I thank God I found Goldie
has she is THE BEST horse I have ever owned. I hope you, Rik & Amy are all
happy and healthy. Take care and write when you have time.
Best Regards,

I apologize for not getting something to you sooner. The time has just flown by!
Nines is doing well. Thank you again for everything. You went out of your way to help
Rachel (and Mom and Dad) feel comfortable about adding Nines to our family. During the
entire process, we always felt that you genuinely wanted what was best for the horse and
rider. It was a terrific experience. Rachel is extremely happy with Nines and is looking
forward to many great years to with him.
I've attached a picture of them taken in early October.
Rachel loves taking Nines on trails. He is one of the best trail horses ever! He doesn't care
about a thing and looks like he enjoys every minute of it.

Take care,
Dawn Barts
Puissance Clover -
Registered Irsish Sport Horse Mare and Colt
Empey Queen
Registered Irish Sport Horse Mare and colt
Pinon Isadora  
Reg. Selle Francais Mare, 12 yrs old out of Galubet A.
Rhett- Lovely Swedish Warmblood, 10 years old, 16 hands.
We have only had Rhett here for a few days but he already seems at home.  His attitude couldn't
be better!  The 8 hour haul was a breeze for him and once we got him home Caroline
immediately went and took him off the trailer before we could get around to help her.  I knew he
would be a good boy but it was as if he had been here all along.   I really did at least expect him
to look around with his head elevated.  He seems to have bonded with Caroline already since he
constantly insists on kisses on the nose as he is being brushed.  You and Amy have been
wonderful thru this experience even though we had constant questions and requests.   I'll update
Thank you,
Emily H. Johnson
Marilyn,   Just wanted you to know that Rhett is the new 2009 North
Carolina Jr. Hunter 4-H Champion.   He is great.  We just love him.
We all (Rhett and Nines) leave for Arkansas at the end of the month
for Southern Regionals.
~ Emily Johnson
Earl is an Imported Irish Sport Horse gelding. 16.3h and 12 yrs old.

Buyers Comments:
Hi Marilyn,  
Earl is doing VERY well. He is a perfect gentleman and I am
so happy to have him. He is so comfortable and willing and gentle. My vet
was out visiting and said he was "the perfect horse for you", so all the
arrangements, all your help and understanding and trust was definitely
worth it and appreciated!!!  I thank you again for being so understanding
and trusting. Earl had his teeth floated yesterday and was PERFECT for
the dentist.  My husband absolutely fell in love with him, and I of course
sent Rachel pictures via cell phone, and she thinks he is just adorable.  I
don't know if the picture I sent to your cell phone came through, but I
promise to send better pictures of Earl and me SOON!  He really is so
sociable (just like Henry) and has made many friends. Your horses are so
well adjusted I know there is a real positive energy at your farm!!!  I want
to talk with you by phone to let you know more details, if that is ok....I
don't want to be a bother, but do miss speaking with you!  We love Earl,
and he is so perfect for me, I am so grateful to have him. Talk to you
soon, Marilyn,
Sincerely, and fondly,
16.3H Imported Dutch WB

Buyers Comments:

"Dear Marilyn,

From the moment I set eyes on Henry, I fell in love. He is the most charming horse in
every way--not only is he breathtakingly beautiful on the outside, his heart and soul are
filled with the positive energy that you can feel just being near him. He is wonderful to
ride, has a fantastic work ethic, enjoys everything from ring work to  trail  riding, loves
being out in his pasture, and also hanging out with his buddies in the barn. He is the
only horse I ever knew that will suck on peppermints just like you told me he would.
Thank you for sending his mints so he could have one as soon as we tucked him into
his new stall!

I felt an instant connection and total trust in you when we first spoke , and knew that my
very lengthy search had come to an end.  I couldn't love Henry more, couldn't be
happier with him, and am so thankful for all your help. He is a gentleman and does
everything to try and please me...all he really has to do is be himself.
Thank you for my new soul mate."

~  Jan Weiner
Zorro is 15H and an exceptionally nice
mover and what a great jump!  He looks like a
small Warmblood!  He is 10 yrs old, has had
show experience,
Buyers Comments:
Hi Marilyn,

I just wanted to let you know how tickled the family is with Zorro. Jessie
is moving up from a fabulous pony and it was going to take a special horse
for her to make the move.  Well Zorro fits the bill perfectly. We did a
cross country school on Sun and they had a great time!!  I'm attaching a
Zip is also doing great.  Kyle was home the other day and rode him and was
impressed with how well trained he was and what a nice guy in general.  He
said that he was going to steal him :)  When I told my friend that she
said that was fine and then she would get Jethro :)

Now with 4 horses from Gentry Creek!
6 yr old Irish Sport Horse 16.1 Hands

Buyers Comments:
Hi Marilyn,

Just a note to tell you how happy we are with
Ace.  He is so much fun.
He is proving to be, yes, uncomplicated!  My hero..... He is sweet,
accommodating and loves attention.  Took him out yesterday and up to
the new big arena and he was great. He seems to like the work;  Ithink we
may have a diamond in the rough.
Karen Donaldson, Henderson, KY
Buyers Comments:  Ouija, 16.3H Reg. Imported Oldenburg
From Kim, who donated this wonderful guy!
Hi Marilyn.... I can't thank you enough!  I was in FL last week and went to visit Ouija.  He is fat
and happy and looks fantastic!  Barbara is very nice and her place is unbelievably beautiful.  
Thanks so much for everything - I tell all my friends about the great care and facilities you have.  

Dear Marilyn and Amy,
I wanted take the time to thank you for such a wonderful experience in purchasing a horse. It is
rare in the horse business to find people that accurately represent the horse and are looking for
the best match for both the horse and rider.  I was looking for a safe horse that I could take to
shows and enjoy every day at my farm. You were looking for a home for Ouija where he could
continue to do his job but enjoy life as a horse,  It was a perfect match for both of us.
I took Ouija to a local one day show and he was wonderful. He is so funny on the schooling day
he was the lazy. On Saturday the day of the show I did a little warm up in schooling area, lazy
again.  But as soon we went into the ring he knew the difference and he was awesome.  He won
all 5 classes he was entered in.  I did 2 pleasure and 1 under saddle.  Ella, my trainer, showed
him in the 2' 6" hunters.   Ella said she was not going to give him back to me. :-)  He knows his
job so well as all you have to do is just sit and he adjusts on his on to get the numbers.  Ella said
she has never ridden a horse like that before that new exactly what to do.  He knows when he is
showing and really steps up.  When he was trotting he was just floating in the ring.  So at home I
will keep up the trail riding, he really starting to like that.  Do a little jumping then back to the
trail. At a show just do enough to make sure he is warmed up and he is ready to go and we both
can have fun.
Ouija and I are also clicking.  I think he really likes me. When we first got to the show he got out
of stall, opened the stall door. and ran over to me in the schooling ring where I was watching Ella
school a horse. He calls to me when I come up and always trots over from the pasture.  I am so
happy to have found you and I cannot thank you enough for what you and Amy do with the
Thanks again.

Barbara Britt
1997 Elite Hanoverian Stallion now standing at RCR farm.

Please see their website:

Buyers Comments:
He is the most mannerly and well behaved animal ever and lives in the barn with
mares and plays with the kids. It's hysterical! He has truly been a blessing!  Lisa
Buyers Comments:

Hi Marilyn and Amy,
Sorry to have not gotten back sooner    just got back from another great morning at
the barn with our girl!   I continue to be crazy about her   she is just so wonderful and
perfect for me!    One of my good friends is a Grand Prix  dressage rider.  She came
out this morning to work with me and  she ADORED her too.  She thinks that she
and i have great potential as a team and she was very impressed by the way she is
so willing and "listening" to my aids.   She is going to continue to work with me.  So, I
am in heaven!   Really could not be happier   and feel very safe on her.   Jane(barn
owner) told me that she thinks that she "spoke" to me when i first saw her online  
and that once that happens, the rest is history!   If she were a guy, i would be in love
big time!!
Buyers Comments:
Cisco is lovely 16.1H  11 yr. old gelding

Dear Marilyn:  Just a note to say a heartfelt thank you for putting Cisco and I
together.  He is one fantastic boy.  His personality is more than I could hope
for.  He brings constant smiles, if not outright laughter all of the time.  We’re
working on dressage frame and he is responding very well.  Though I know he
hasn’t forgotten jumping so I’ve promised him we will mix that in on occasion.   
Everyone in the barn loves him, humans, horses, dogs and cats alike.  He
comes to the gate when called as well as to his stall door, that is if he isn’t lying
down sleeping.  He is gentle enough that when he’s lying down I can go sit on
him.  What we’re working on is trying to convince him to keep his white hair
moves like a dream and has a personality to match.  
Again many thanks,  
Bev and Cisco
Buyers Comments:

Hi Marilyn,
I would like to tell you how wonderful you are.  I bought a pony from you, sight unseen, and I
LOVE her.  You told me everything about her and you were right, except she was actually
better than you said.  This pony is super fancy and as sweet as they come. I would not hesitate
to buy from you again and hope you will keep me in mind if you get a small pony in.  Thanks
again for your honesty.
Buyers Comments:

Rhett and Caroline were Champion at the NC State Fair this year. He continues to
shine in the show ring!

-Emily, Caroline and Rhett Johnson
Buyers Comments:
Just to let you know, the girls are riding Hans and the pony both, and they completely
love them! The only problem now is that Nicole wants Hans, and he was bought for
Kristan.    So if something comes up with his looks, movement and personality, please
think of me.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I am not the impulsive type, and when I called
you that day after seeing the horses on line, and told you those horses were mine, it
was completely out of character for me to do that.  I have never bought anything sight
unseen, without a trial basis, no vet check, etc.  But I couldn't be more pleased with
what I got.
Thanks for everything!

Lorene Doyle
In Texas
I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the pony
daughter over the phone.  I have done this several times,
and it never worked before.  You were so honest and told
me EXACTLY what the pony is. I would love to do
business in the future since I finally found someone I can
trust.  Thanks again!!
Dr. Zeus - 17H Dressage School Master

Buyer comments..."For those of you thinking of looking for your next horse at Gentry Creek
Farm, let me say that Marilyn is the most honest horse person that I know. She is patient and
kind and takes the time to get to know each potential owner so that she can make a perfect
match of horse and rider. She knows the horses well and is sure to tell you of any quirks so
that there are no surprises. I looked at more than 100 horses before coming to Gentry Creek
and was beginning to feel that I would never find the right match. I am so thankful for Marilyn,
Rick, and Amy for allowing me to take my boy, Zeus home. I'm hoping that we will live 'happily
ever after'."
Thanks again!

Jill and Doctor Zeus:)


I can not express to you how thankful I am not only for
opening your home to me  but for the wonderful new
partner I have. Jimmy has more then fullfilled my life
and I am so happy that I can give him a loving
home...he is already spoiled...I am so excited to grow
with him .